a brilliant macaw preens itself.

Planning a web site or graphic design project allows you to preen your self-image at the same time.

Start Your Project

Want to build a web site? Here’s a great place to start. This section features resources for everyone, whether or not you wish to work with Cosmic Idea directly.

Use this section to:

Building a web site is a great way to learn more about yourself and what you do. In defining your product, service or ideas you may discover a new way to frame your business, your goals, your life.

The simplest way to prepare for a web site project is to:

  • Itemize your ideas, products, services – what are you offering.
  • Think about your business personality.
  • Come up with a few domain name ideas.
  • Put in a folder any images, logos, photos, articles and business materials you might be able to use.
  • Look at your competitors’ web sites.
  • Decide on priorities: what do you need now versus what might you want later?
  • Think about a budget range.
  • Use the Needs Analysis and other resources provided on this site.
  • If you do write text, try to keep it between 100-400 words per page. Fewer words may have greater impact, and are more likely to be read.

During your process, you may wish to look up related topics in the Ideas section, such as frequently asked questions. Can we add more to this section to help you? Please let us know.