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What is an Excellent Web Site?

There are many flavours of web sites, targeting all sorts of different types of people. Nonetheless, there are certain qualities that all excellent sites have in common.

  • Design is distinctive, practical, attractive; not a clone.
  • Design is in sync with the audience it hopes to attract.
  • Navigation is clear and consistent throughout the site; visitors easily understand how to navigate the site.
  • Text is crisp, informative, error-free.
  • Graphics support text, and donít slow loading
  • Pages load relatively quickly.
  • Clients can find answers to their questions quickly.
  • Home page text describes the full marketing message, calls the visitor to specific actions.
  • Gift - there is information on the site which is for the visitor's use or inspiration, whether or not they use your services.
  • Web pages coded in standards-compliant XHTML, for next generation Internet needs.
  • Most formatting is handled by cascading style sheets (CSS).
  • Code fits international W3C standards.
  • Code design keeps the needs of handicapped persons in mind.
  • The site works well on a variety of current browsers (such as Explorer and Firefox) and platforms (including PCs and Macs).
  • Applies techniques to help search engines find your site.
  • Gives your clients the impression they would like to deal with you - this may mean a splashy site for an underground artist and a more conservative one for a financial services company.